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    The Fiji/USA Business Council offers their members a chance to make contacts and promote trade between Fiji and USA by organizing luncheons or events of  benefit to members. Speakers are invited to discuss topics of interest to members at events. These events also attract non members creating an excellent atmosphere for networking. Fiji/USA Business Council in partnership with the US Embassy offer assistant to members of the council by making appointments with business and governments contacts in the United States of America.
    The Fiji/USA Business Council offers members opportunities to network; providing introductions to senior executives of member companies to the key business and government leaders in Fiji, as well as assisting you to understand the legislative, regulatory, legal and financial processes in Fiji. Providing information on economic trends and developments in Fiji assists our members to make effective strategic investment decisions. Promote your company’s interest in Fiji and the United States of America, by becoming an active member of the Fiji/USA Business Council.
    omplete and submit the application form on the Membership page. Your application form will be emailed to the Fiji/USA Business Council Secretariat and reviewed by the Board Members. Once you are accepted as a member, you will be contacted by the secretariat to complete the remaining membership requirements.

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